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Dear Senator:

Introduce yourself (name, professional title, certification and licensure letters). Explain where you work, what population you work with, and how long you have been practicing art therapy.

Explain why you think art therapy is important.

Explain why you support an independent art therapy bill.


Your name


  • Your name

  • Your title and certifications/licenses

  • Where you work

  • How long you have been practicing Art Therapy

  • Why art therapy is important

  • Why you support an independent Art Therapy bill

  • Closing paragraph

Suggested Talking Points

  • Expanding consumer access to important mental health services by:

  • Qualifying practitioners for insurance reimbursement; and,

  • Enabling art therapists to access more employment opportunities

  • Helping consumers stay informed about their own treatment options

  • Providing quality mental health services from trained professionals in the field

  • Recognizing art therapy as an important, distinct mental health profession

  • Ensuring art therapy professionals adhere to state laws and regulations

  • Improving health care policy making and standards of practice

  • Sustaining equality and representation of art therapists as a viable part of the greater mental health field